What to do if Your Child Broke Their Tooth:

Whether your child took a stumble on the graveled pavement or bit down too hard on a Jolly Rancher, the result is the same: a broken, cracked or a chipped tooth. Luckily, a broken tooth isn’t life-threatening but can be painful- don’t fret! Mouth injuries can heal quickly and seamlessly if the right precautions are taken. There are simple steps you can take to ensure the health of your child and their tooth is properly cared for:

*Inhale* *Exhale*

Remain calm and don’t forget to breathe! If your child broke their tooth, they are probably worried just as much as you are. You’re not alone: about 50% of children suffer a tooth injury in their childhood, it’s common and treatable. If you start worrying, your child will worry even more. 

"Hello, Dr. it's me"

Pick up that phone and dial your dentist right away. Any oral injury should be evaluated by a dentist, no matter how major or minor it is. If you’re not sure if your dentist is a good fit for yourself or your child, make sure you use NoBull Dental services before any injuries occur. Finding yourself and your child the right dentist is crucial, not only for bi-yearly checkups but also when solving oral issues. Finding the right dentist will save you time and money in the long run and ensure proper care is executed for yourself and your child.

Swish with Water

When your child’s tooth is broken (no matter how the injury occurred) it’s important to rinse their mouth out with water. Swish, swish, swish, spit! A water rinse will help clear out any dirt, blood or bacteria that may be lingering on site of the injury.  

Ice, Ice, Baby

Make sure to address soreness, pain and swelling your child might be facing after the injury occurred. Especially if your child hugged the pavement, make sure to place ice or a cold compress to reduce the pain and control the swelling.


If your child’s tooth fully broke off and you still have the fragment, make sure to bring the fragment to the dentist. Before doing so, keep the tooth moist by placing the tooth in a glass full of milk to ensure its ability to be reattached if your dentist deems it necessary. 

I understand, sometimes the fragment blends in with the pavement or the child swallows their tooth (no harm in that!), so if you can’t bring the dentist the tooth, it’s ok. If you can- great! 

Once you’ve taken care of your child’s broken tooth, this moment will seem like a blimp in time. Make sure the dentist you are trusting with your child’s oral health is a dentist worth trusting. NoBull Dental is here to give you peace of mind and find your family your ideal dentist based on your values. Take the quiz today!

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