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From electronic to manual and everything in between, it can be difficult to choose which type of toothbrush is right for you…and does it really matter? The answer is yes! Having good oral hygiene is extremely important when taking control of your oral and everyday health. In fact, gum disease is a major risk factor for the development of serious health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. So, let’s start with the basics, finding your perfect toothbrush: 


The perfect size toothbrush allows you to reach all of your teeth (including those wayyyy in the back) with ease. If you are straining your jaw or are unable to fully reach your back molars, you need a smaller toothbrush head. For most adults, a toothbrush head a half-inch wide and one-inch tall will be the easiest to use and the most effective.  

Bristle Firmness

When purchasing a toothbrush, there is a wide variety of different bristles to choose from. Whether its soft, medium or hard bristles, many adults gravitate towards a toothbrush with either soft or medium bristles because it’s comfortable and safe. Many people make the mistake of over brushing or choosing a toothbrush with too rough of bristles. This can lead to bleeding and/or irritated gums, damaged root surface and scraping away at protective tooth enamel.

Bristle Shape

Yes, there is a bristle shape many dentists recommend: Curved bristle tips and a wavy bristle pattern- ahh! the perfect toothbrush cocktail. The curved (or slightly rounded) bristle tips avoid harsh stabbing and puncturing into the gums that lead to bleeding and irritation- a great choice for those who struggle with sensitive teeth. The wavy pattern allows the bristles to coat the teeth and reach stubborn areas that many flat bristle toothbrushes can miss. When it comes to bristle shape, find what works best for you and/or ask advice from your dentist or a NoBull Dental professional.    

Expert Opinion

To ensure you are choosing the right toothbrush for yourself, discuss with your dentist or a NoBull Dental expert to receive a professional opinion. If you choose to hunt for the perfect toothbrush alone, make sure to look for a toothbrush with the American Dental Associate (ADA) stamp of approval. If you are unhappy with your dentist or you are looking for a new dentist in your area (or even a new area!) NoBull Dental is happy to pair you with your ideal dentist that fits your values. 

Finding the right toothbrush matters! Make sure to take into consideration your needs and wants in a brush, what size is right for you, which bristles work best with your mouth and ask your dentist if you need further advice.  

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