NoBull Dental Company FAQs

Why should a normal person with a normal dentist care about NoBull Dental?

Most people do not know what separates one good dentist from a great dentist. But the difference between good and great can be the difference between saving teeth when you are older vs. having them pulled out because of less-than-ideal work. Proactive vs. passive can mean the difference between needing a root canal and not. Precision vs. semi-precision can mean the difference between ideal gums and irritating unhealthy and bleeding gums.

NoBull Dental knows what indirect attributes can make a material difference in the quality of experience and skill level between two seemingly similar dentists.  We look deeper than inexperienced reviews when we make our dentist recommendations. See what we as dentists look for in dentists, when we seek dental care.

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Why did you decide to launch the company?

As a reputable dentist who many other dentists trust to send their staff, their families, and themselves, Dr. Scott Dudley felt a calling to share the same attributes he would consider if he had to find a dentist or specialist himself. Interestingly, 99% of dental patients have no idea how to differentiate one dentist from another. NoBull Dental fundamentally believes that patients are better served, and will make better decisions if they are given an opportunity to value dentistry through a dentist’s lens. NoBull Dental was created to inform, empower,  and match dental patients with dentists that we would trust with our own families.

What’s the difference between SmileSIM and getting a teeth simulation through your dentist? Can my dentist do that?

The difference between SmileSIM and getting a teeth simulation through your dentist is that SmileSIM gives the power back to the patients and provides them with the ability to openly communicate their dental vision with their dentist. Using SmileSIM, a patient can understand what their smile could look like before stepping foot in a dentists’ office or undergoing expensive cosmetic treatment. When receiving your SmileSIM results, a patient should be able to show those results to a reputable dentist and receive information on what procedures would be needed to make the simulation real for them. Of utmost importance are the dentist’s experience with those procedures (we encourage patients to ask, how many times do you do this (or similar) procedure a month), and the ability to execute your vision perfectly. If you have any questions or aren’t sure if your dentist can provide you the treatment you want, contact NoBull Dental and we will pair you with the right dentist to fit your needs.

What if the dentist NoBull Dental pairs me with, is my current dentist that I already go to? Did I waste money for no reason?

No, you validated your “gut,” which should be considered valuable to know your gut was trustworthy. Unfortunately, in Dr. Scott Dudley’s experiences, the outgoing dentists are perceived as confident and with your best interest in mind, when in fact they have cut many corners, like not keeping up with continuing education and/or investing in standard of care technology.

Can NoBull Dental do a check on my current dentist?

Yes. NoBull Dental is a patient-centric platform that works to fit your needs. If you have any questions on your current dentist, we are more than happy to either confirm or deny your concerns and/or pair you with a new dentist to better fit your needs.

Can NoBull Dental help transfer my records from one dental office to another if I decide to leave my current dentist?

We are working on functionality that will allow customers to rapidly transfer dental records from one dentist to another and will have this feature available in the future. Click the button below if you want to be the first to know when this function is available.

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Who is providing the second opinion? A dentist through NoBull Dental or am I getting paired with another dentist I go to who can give me a second opinion?

We will recommend a provider who can give you a second option. In many cases, this can be done via teledentistry.

How long does it take to get my dental pairing results from NoBull Dental?

Usually, we can provide you with your Dentist pairing results within a few days.

How long does SmileSIM take to get my results?

You will usually receive your SmileSIM results as little as a few minutes to less than 48 hours.

I think I’m happy with my dentist, but how can I tell?

NoBull Dental will look for things that you may not be aware of and compare them to other options in your area. We consider your values and can better pair you with a dentist that fits your needs- whether that’s your current dentist or a new dentist in your area.