About NoBull Dental

Tooth be told, you may not really know your dentist! NoBull Dental has re-invented the world of dentistry, the way it should be done. NoBull Dental is a patient-centric online dental service that goes deeper than online reviews. We created a completely customizable approach to thoughtfully pair you with your perfect dentist- just take the quiz!

Each quiz is carefully crafted to create a personalized experience for each customer to not only find their ideal dentist but also empower them to make informed decisions about their oral health. Let us put a smile on your face and do the heavy lifting for you! NoBull Dental is an unbiased, transparent, honest company that truly wants to create a frictionless dental-patient experience catered exclusively to your values. NoBull s**t here, just honest dentistry.

Dentistry Reinvented

Dentistry is an art based on science. The subjective nature of the “art” allows space for disagreement, opposing positions, various degrees of talent and commitment, and doctor priorities.

Did you know that the art of dentistry becomes more of a science when your dentist starts their career with better education, conducts a residency, seeks continuing education, leads study groups, and uses new technology?  

Don’t worry, we didn’t either. Our research shows most practices (>95%) are underperforming. Unfortunately, you, the patient, suffer. Where some dentists are lacking, other dentists are flourishing and changing the industry for the better. Can you tell the difference between the two? NoBull Dental can. We can provide you with unbiased, completely customizable opinions to help you in your venture of finding the right dentist for you with outstanding credentials.  

NoBull Dental was founded by a trusted dentist, who wants every American to see, feel, and know quality oral care and appreciate the art of dentistry. NoBull Dental wants the patient to better understand why a dentist recommended a procedure and to be empowered and take control over their oral health.

NoBull Dental is the first patient-centered dental company to provide people with the information and tools they deserve to make health decisions that reflect their values. 

We know we are different. Are you? Seek better dentistry.

Our Industry

At one time, the dental marketplace was simple and easy to navigate. Patients today recognize a difference but are uncertain as to what happened.

Years ago, most doctors owned their own practice – one dentist one office. Patients were referred to local, family dentists and relied on the opinions of others rather than finding a dentist that fits their needs. Doctors whose patients had great experiences and outcomes were rewarded with word of mouth referrals; the dentist owned offices flourished.

Today fewer doctors are office owners and most offices are lumped together under one corporate umbrella. This provides centralized services and lower employee counts. Offices are driven to serve as many patients as possible at a fixed price to increase their profits. For patients, this means impersonal experiences, rushed care, countless options, and a maze of average outcomes.

For doctors, a doctor’s reputation is not as important anymore and there is increased pressure for dental offices – not doctors – to return profits to corporate investors. It does not take much imagination to understand how or why the patient’s care and experience of yesterday could be compromised.  

NoBull Dental is a team of dentists and patients. Our dentists know what makes a great dentist and our patients deserve to have a dentist fit their needs. Our customers are empowered by our NoBull dentists to:

  • Find dentists that provide the personal care that originally attracted patients to a privately owned office
  • Perfectly match dentists with patients based on the patient’s needs
  • Be better educated about their oral health and care 
  • Take more control

NoBull Dental was created so that patients know who and what is Bull vs. NoBull. 

Our Founder – How it all got started

dudley headshotAfter over 10 years of practice, it was clear to Dr. Dudley that patients not seeking his care deserve to have easy access to honest, transparent services that provide a patient-centered experience.

Dr. Dudley created NoBull Dental so that all Americans have the information, experience, and dental care they deserve tailored to their exact needs.

While he enjoyed private practice, he equally enjoys leading, teaching, and mentoring patients and other dentists.  Through it all, Dr. Dudley’s focus is to provide easy access to oral health information, second options, cosmetics, portability of records, and provider identification – to include guiding patients to other doctors like him, a doctor you can trust and be confident in.

Dr. Dudley Background

Dr. Dudley grew up the eldest son of a dentist who practiced for 43 years. His paternal grandmother, born in 1917, died with all her teeth in good condition at the age of 99.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry, dentistry was part of his DNA from a very young age. After a residency and three years of active duty in the United States Air Force, Dr. Dudley built one of the most reputable group practices on the East Coast on the first based on a USAF core value – Integrity.

Supplemented with cutting edge technology, continuous education, and a great team, Dr. Dudley’s offices became a beacon for both patients, doctors, and staff.   

​Our Patients – We understand where you are coming from. We have seen it before.


Patients seeking NoBull services arrive with similar narratives:


  • were treated by a dentist that made poor decisions based on partial or inaccurate information.
  • lost confidence in a previous provider.
  • were scared of the current oral health condition.
  • had not been properly informed about the condition of their mouth.
  • were provided unreasonable options with tradeoffs.